Indie Vinyl Den | No Lists 2016

We have no lists. Yep none. No "Best of 2016" or "Most Overlooked Albums 2016," nada. Let's get real, why would we have a list? I am guessing it may be to spark sales? Maybe clear the warehouse of some titles we could not move earlier in the year? Maybe our marketing skills suck, but I have seen some of the lists from other sellers and let's just say they are interestingly suspect.

What lists are good? By music media such as Pitchfork or Consequence of Sound who hopefully are basing it on other criteria than stock levels. I also like reader lists where many music lovers vote. We have some customers that have put out lists, and those are awesome and have helped us add to our offerings on many occasion. Also having someone you already respect their taste in music is another great way to find new vinyl you may have missed.

Bottomline, we stock only records that someone here likes, many recommended by you. So they all are really good and would be awesome to add to your collection. We are pretty cool about returns too, so if you get something we recommended that you just hate, please let us know and we will work it out.

- Christopher

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