Import Vinyl Treasure Hunt May 2022

Import Vinyl Treasure Hunt May 2022

We import and travel to get those hard-to-find vinyl titles to share with you! We think we have figured out a way to do it to save you money. Let's take a look at the exciting titles we have this week.

Nirvana - Nirvana
This Greatest hits package was available in the US in the blink of an eye, now only available in the UK and EU countries. This record is perfect for someone discovering Nirvana or if you want an easy way to spin the hits.



You may not realize how many songs you know from this Swindon, England, band that started in the 1970s. Their music shows up on many TV and Movie soundtracks and is still played on Indie and College radio today. "Dear God," "Making Plans for Nigel," and "Senses Working Overtime" are a few of the most heard XTC tunes. All of their reissued records come on thick 200-gram vinyl, and they are remastered and beautifully repackaged with guidance from XTC's Andy Partridge. Click to see what we have available today!



"Dummy" is the debut 1994 record from the Bristol, England band Portishead. Most "best of the '90s" lists will include this record near the top, but it has been hard to get in the states, and if you found it, whew, it would cost you. We have many in stock now, and it will not kill the music budget for the month.

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