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Indie Vinyl Den Essential Indie Albums: Black Mountain Self Titled

Black Mountain’s debut record originally released in 2005 was a treat for those that longed for the sound of classic rock ‘n’ roll, but with an updated Indie sound. It has all the ingredients of a classic rock record with protest songs, ballads,  and social commentary you could compare to the Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, and Led Zeppelin. 

Pitchfork gave it a hefty 8.3 and said “Black Mountain are about as referential as they come. But despite the obvious touchstones-- which, incidentally, fucking rule-- the band are affable and idiosyncratic enough to win over those who passed on recent retrofits like Comets on Fire's Blue Cathedral or My Morning Jacket's It Still Moves, and make those records' admirers practically cream themselves.”

Paste Magazine mention that “Black Mountain indulges that old-school rock ’n’ roll craving.”

 Amazon listed it amount their Top 100 Editors Picks of 2005 stating “The disc is truly beautiful on the ears, filled with gorgeous dynamics, crisp, discordant playing and impressive production to boot.”

This was an easy addition to our Indie Essentials category at Indie Vinyl Den, because we all have those days when a little classic rock is necessary.

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