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Camp Cope is running with the hurricane

New from the Melbourne trio of Georgia Maq, Kelly-Dawn Helmrich, and Sarah Thompson, "Running with the Hurricane" is getting rave reviews.

DIY Magazine:
Distinct, crooning and softly beautiful, ‘Running With The Hurricane’ captures a snapshot of intimacy, thriving friendships and a profound understanding of the human condition.

It’s music for the loveliest of golden summer evenings, but has a greater depth to it that reveals itself with more and more listens, as if it’s coming out of its own shell. And when it does, it’s nothing but wonderful.

The Skinny:
Running With the Hurricane is the sound of a band who have hunkered down at home and found calm at their core. They might no longer be storming the patriarchy with this contemplative collection but Camp Cope has pitched their spot for a bright future, regardless.

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