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Artificial Intelligence writes a poem about and farts

We asked an AI engine to write a poem about:

Indie Vinyl Den, a treasure trove of sound
Where music lovers gather all around
The racks are lined with records old and new
Each one a story, waiting to come through

The walls are adorned with posters and art
Reminding us of the music that's in our heart
The smell of vinyl, a nostalgic scent
A reminder of the past, as the music is bent

From rock and roll, to jazz, and soul
Each record a treasure, worth its weight in gold
The staff is friendly, always willing to help
Finding the perfect album, a task they excel

Indie Vinyl Den, a place where music comes alive
A sanctuary for audiophiles, where the music thrives
A place to discover new sounds and old friends
Indie Vinyl Den, our musical treasure trove until the very end.

Bored with this response, we asked for a poem about farts:

Farts, they come out silent or loud
A symphony of smells, a smelly crowd
Some are subtle, a gentle breeze
Others are toxic, with the power to freeze

They sneak up on us, without a warning
And leave us embarrassed, in the morning
But farts, they're a natural thing
A byproduct of digestion, a bodily fling

Some say they're funny, a source of mirth
Others find them disgustful, a sign of poor health
But farts, they're a part of who we are
A reminder of our humanity, like a shooting star

So embrace your farts, let them fly free
For in the grand scheme of things, they're as natural as can be.

The AI engine also added this caveat:

Please note that farting is a natural bodily function but it's not appropriate to make fun of it and should be respected. This response is purely fictional and the purpose is just to complete the task.

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