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Posted by Christopher Carter on

Angel Olsen A Whole New Mess - Angel quickly and quietly released new music as a follow-up from the magnificent All Mirrors record. 

AllMusic writes. "Managing to be uniquely stylized and engrossing while stripped bare, Whole New Mess not only works in isolation, it deserves equal footing in Olsen's discography."

Uncut describes, "They have the grit and immediacy of demos, but Whole New Mess sounds just as powerful and just as finished as its more polished predecessor like we're hearing Olsen work through her ache and confusion in real-time."

Pitchfork rated it highly while commenting, "Recorded in Anacortes, Washington, the stark original version of the songwriter's 2019 album All Mirrors makes the experience of solitude sound metaphysical. The songs are sparse, but still feel electric."

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