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A message about Boygenius "The Record" Orders

Hello IndieVinylDen-er Peoples,

We have heard that some local and online stores have started canceling orders for the limited edition clear color vinyl version of the new Boygenius record. We are not canceling any orders now, but we wanted to update you on why this is happening and what changes you can expect.

Every year when Record Store Day is near, pressing manufacturers start to fall behind in production due to the massive amounts of special color releases that the greedy industry moguls pump out there at obscene prices to coax you into a physical record store. You want that sparkly color-swirled Mickey Dolenz sings the Ramones record for $75, right? In the weeks leading up, the music labels release other big titles, so there is even more for you to buy.

Some stores also oversell without getting guarantees, which is easy to do, but bad business in the end. We try to get guarantees from the labels, and they keep their word 99% of the time. If they cannot guarantee, we often do not do a pre-order or limit them greatly. In this business, you often sell things you do not have in hand based on release dates, and limited information is available. SO PLEASE, do not be mad at the stores that must cancel. I cannot imagine anyone would do that intentionally because nothing is positive to gain.

Our order has been cut by 60% by the record company, and the copies we will get are coming in batches, days apart. We received five today, which went to the first people to order. We will have 12 more by Friday and another 15 by Monday. This will continue until the record label decides they will stop printing. Here is how we will distribute what we receive:

  • We had an original limit of 2 copies, but until everyone ordered has received a copy, only one copy per address will be sent.
  • Orders will be filled in the same order they were made.
  • Please expect a delay of orders of up to 2 weeks as they slowly make the clear copies available. You will get tracking numbers as we fill the order.

If you made an order at three different stores to ensure you got a copy, please cancel your extra orders so everyone can get one. If you ordered more than one from us and no longer need it, please let us cancel your extra copy.

Don't be a dick and try to sell extra copies on eBay for tons of money, you capitalists ass. It's music, be kind, and share the love. This email was WAY too long and beyond transparent, plus I cursed a bit. Feel free to send your comments, and please know we appreciate you and will always try to do the right thing.



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