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In this installment of Records You Should Own we look at The Head and the Heart debut self titled album. Originally self released in 2009, the band sold over 10,000 copies of this record at their live shows and local record stores. Eventually it was picked up by independent label Sub Pop and re-released in 2011. Here are what some critics have said about The Head and the Heart:

  • Uncut gave it an 80 out of 100 and noted “It's a long time since a debut album forged its influences into something quite as fresh and rich as this.”
  • Delusions of Adequacy also gave it an 80 out of 100 and said “If well-crafted folk-pop leaves you feeling lukewarm, by all means join the naysayers; otherwise, I'll be on the side of those dancing and singing along.” 

The Head and the Heart consistently sells at a high volume and continues to be discovered by new fans everyday. The harmonies and simple arrangements were panned initially by some critics, but history has been much kinder to this record and listeners have made this a bestseller by word of mouth. It’s an emotional and heartfelt record that will continue to reveal itself through each listen.

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