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Indie Vinyl Den Essential Indie Albums: The National "Boxer"

The National’s Boxer was the fourth record released by the Brooklyn based band in 2007. Their previous record Alligator was received much critical acclaim, so the pressure was on for them to continue improving on each record. Here is what the critics have said about Boxer:

Uncut said “The core of the album lies in a cluster of gorgeously restrained, piercingly evocative pieces built mostly from acoustic instruments.” 

The A.V. Club wrote “To those with time for only a passing glance, it could conceivably come across as dull, but a close look at monumental songs like "Start A War" and the scathingly sad, funny "Slow Show" will reveal bleak, black diamonds—precious, glimmering, and lasting.”

Pitchfork noted “Like those on their last album, these songs reveal themselves gradually but surely, building to the inevitable moment when they hit you in the gut. It's the rare album that gives back whatever you put into it.”

For us Boxer is an easy pick to add to your collection. Matt Berniger’s deep baritone pulls you in; the Devendorf rhythm section keeps the music driving; and the Dessner brothers add the multi-instrumental icing to the cake.

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