Vundabar - Either Light [Limited Edition Orange Color Vinyl Record]  (4479279300672)
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Vundabar - Either Light [Limited Edition Orange Color Vinyl Record]

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Either Light is the new album from Boston band Vundabar and first since 2018's Smell Smoke which received wide critical acclaim. The 10-track collection was recorded in 2019 with producer Patrick Hyland (Mitski's Be The Cowboy, Puberty 2, Bury Me at Makeout Creek) across sessions in Philadelphia and New York City. The album sees guitarist/vocalist Brandon Hagen and drummer Drew McDonald exploring new themes and sounds throughout. Hagen says, "We delved into new sonic territory on this record as we employed the use of electronic drum sounds, guest vocals from Emily Massey (Slow Pulp), samples, loops, vibraphone, synths on synths, sub-bass and extensive layering for certain songs." Themes of light and water are recurrent on the record. In most every situation that gave rise to the songs on the album, Hagen found himself noticing the intensity of light and how it framed the formation of memory and feeling as well as its ability to frame and establish or skew perception.

  1. Out Of It
  2. Burned Off
  3. Codeine
  4. Petty Crime
  5. Easier
  6. Never Call
  7. Montage Music
  8. Jester
  9. Paid For
  10. Other Flowers