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Twin Shadow - Caer Vinyl Record

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Caer (pronounced: ka­air) is the artist's fourth album to date. Falling is a theme that surfaces throughout the album, which is why Lewis called it Caer ­ the Spanish word for "to fall." The album serves as a powerful lens through which Lewis explores his own personal sense of falling, as well as what he has observed about a world that feels as if it's declining. On a larger scale, Caer feels extraordinarily current, given what's going on culturally and politically right now.


Full Length Vinyl 1 

Side A Side B
01 Bombs Away (RLP)
02 Brace (feat. Rainsford)
03 Saturdays (feat. HAIM)
04 18 Years
05 Little Woman
06 When You're Wrong
07 Twins Theme (Interlude)
01 Littlest Things
02 Faster Backwards (feat. Rainsford)
03 Too Many Colors
04 Rust (Interlude)
05 Obvious People
06 Runaway
 Full Length Vinyl 2 
Side A Side B
01 Sympathy (feat. Rainsford)