Vinyl - Tricot - T H E Vinyl Record

Tricot - T H E Vinyl Record

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Tricot is a Japanese all-female alternative rock band formed in Kyoto, Japan, in September 2010. By 2015, their music had spread to the rest of Asia, Europe and North America. Tricot has a truly inspirational sound - a blend of native Japanese vocals, jazzy instrumental breaks, and an overall layer of post-punk sound. If you're a math-rock head, believe us, they've got the whole genre covered. In 2018 Topshelf Records is putting out not one, but two Tricot releases! Never issued in North America, the label will be offering vinyl editions of T H ETricot's first full release which came out in 2013, as well as their second effort A N D, which came out in 2015.

  1. pool side〜POOL
  2. Tobe
  3. Omotenashi
  4. C&C
  5. Hatsumimi
  6. artsick
  7. Ochansensu-Su
  8. 99.974
  9. Tarattaratta
  10. CGPP
  11. Swimmer
  12. Oyasumi