TORRES - Three Futures [Gold Color Vinyl Record]  (11369257614)

TORRES - Three Futures Vinyl Record

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Three Futures, the third full-length album by TORRES, the creative alter-ego of Brooklyn-based Mackenzie Scott. In describing the album, Scott says it “is entirely about using the body that each of us has been given as a mechanism of joy.” The 10 original tracks on Three Futures embrace ecstasy, desire and indulgence rather than self-denial, and exude this idea via immersive music. Mechanized grooves are placed at the forefront: perforated electro-pop static, gothic industrial’s harsh textures and insistent Kraut rock. For Three Futures, Scott reconnected with producer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey), who worked on TORRES’ last album Sprinter, to record in Stockport and Dorset, England. David Tolomei (Beach House, Future Islands) mixed the album. “Her music can smolder while she considers exactly where she stands, and it can roar into feedback-edged howls when her rage or despair boil over.” - The New York Times “Chilling, guitar-grinding study in lust and betrayal.” — ROLLING STONE “”Skim” is a confident statement from an artist growing bolder with her every passing era” — PITCHFORK “TORRES arrives all guns blazing in this robo-synth pop tune, with swaggering, savage guitar stabs” — THE GUARDIAN

Side A Side B
01 Tongue Slap Your Brains Out
02 Skim
03 Three Futures
04 Righteous Woman
05 Greener Stretch
01 Helen in the Woods
02 Bad Baby Pie
03 Marble Focus
04 Concrete Ganesha
05 To Be Given a Body