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Clientele, The - Strange Geometry Vinyl Record (Repress)-Indie Vinyl Den

Clientele, The - Strange Geometry Vinyl Record (Repress)

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Clientele, The - Strange Geometry Vinyl Record (Repress)

Originally released in 2005, The Clientele recorded their second full-length album Strange Geometry with producer Brian O’Shaughnessy at Bark Studios, Walthamstow (UK). The album features twelve dreamy folk-pop songs with shimmering psych guitars and string arrangements by Louis Philippe. On May 6, Strange Geometry will be re-pressed on vinyl and include a download of the entire record plus six previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Strange Geometry was the first Clientele album to be recorded in a fully equipped, professional studio with an established engineer/producer, and the results are stunning. Strange Geometry is a robust yet subtle recording. Songs are allowed room to breathe, yet never stray into indulgence. When not concerned with the chore of production—the twisting of knobs and the repair of faulty equipment—the band was free to focus completely on the music, achieving and expanding upon the sonic blueprint they had envisioned from the start. Mr. O’Shaughnessy’s experience and expertise helped the band deliver their most accomplished record to date, full of rich textures and enchanting melodies. The contributions of the enigmatic and incredibly talented Mr. Philippe also cannot be overstated. His string arrangements are delicate yet powerful additions.

LP includes six digital bonus tracks collectively titled A Sense of Falling: Strange Geometry Outtakes:

Breathe In Now
Losing Haringey (Instrumental)
One Hundred Leaves
Since We Last Spoke
Spanish Night
When I Came Through

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