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Teenage Fanclub - Endless Arcade [Limited PEAK Edition on translucent pink vinyl w/ altered version of cover]

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Endless Arcade follows the band’s ninth album Here, released in 2016. It's quintessential TFC: melodies are equal parts heartwarming and heartaching; guitars chime and distort; keyboard lines mesh and spiral; harmony-coated choruses burst out like sun on a stormy day.

In the 1990s, the band crafted a magnetically heavy yet harmony-rich sound on classic albums such as Bandwagonesque and Grand Prix. This century, albums such as Shadows and Here have documented a more relaxed, less ‘teenage’ Fanclub, reflecting the band’s stage in life and state of mind, which Endless Arcade slots perfectly alongside. The album walks a beautifully poised line between melancholic and uplifting, infused with simple truths. The importance of home, community and hope is entwined with more bittersweet, sometimes darker thoughts - insecurity, anxiety, loss. 

            Side A
1          Home
2          Endless Arcade
3          Warm Embrace
4          Everything is Falling Apart
5          The Sun Won’t Shine On Me
6          Come With Me
            Side B
7          In Our Dreams
8          I’m More Inclined
9          Back in the Day
10        The Future
11        Living With You
12        Silent Song