Vinyl - Sunwatchers - II [Rainbow Splatter Color Vinyl Record]

Sunwatchers - II [Rainbow Splatter Color Vinyl Record]

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Brooklyn ensemble Sunwatchers return with the incendiary follow up to their 2016 eponymous debut, the appropriately titled II. The quartet continues to defy adequate description, incorporating elements of free jazz, psychedelia, punk, Ethiopian and Thai music and funk into a dizzy, invigorating sound. II  kicks off with the click of sticks and launches into "Nosebeers," a righteous burner that writhes and squawks with heady desert vibes and white-hot saxophone, sounding not unlike something akin to Group Doueh jamming with John Zorn.

"The Hot Eye" is next, and the band doesn't let up revving up an anxious marching beat into a raging squall that ebbs and flows with tidal waves of horn and guitar. The band has more in store for listeners, easing into the third track "There Are Weapons You Can Bring To School." With it's contemplative tone, the song sets a mood for the album, righteous, socially conscious messaging, no more evident than the message embroidered onto the tapestry that graces the front cover artwork: "SUNWATCHERS STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE DISPOSSESSED, IMPOVERISHED AND EMBATTLED PEOPLE OF THE WORLD." The band considers it both a mission statement and a battle cry.

The album's second side opens with the barn-burning "Silent Boogie" with saxophonist Jeff Tobias tapping into the elemental fires of free-jazzskronk while the rhythm section hammers away like the Asheton brothers on a speed trip. "The Works" and "Flowers Of The Water (For Lou)" close out the album, simmering the boil, and firing the listener off into Interstellar Space.

  1. Nose Beers
  2. The Hot Eye
  3. There Are Weapons You Can Bring To School
  4. Silent Boogie
  5. The Works
  6. Flowers Of The Water (For Lou)