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Stooges, The - Fun House Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

Stooges, The - Fun House Vinyl Record

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Stooges, The - Fun House Vinyl Record

Long before the raw power of punk icon Iggy Pop became legend, his first incarnation as Iggy Stooge of proto-punk trailblazers The Stooges roared into being. The essence of punk years before the genre existed, The Stooges' furious music was a howling, visceral, fuzztone-drenched, and unprecedented vortex of sound. Their bracing sophomore release, Fun House portrayed their evolution into a fiercer, stronger band with Iggy's primal vocals and mad brilliance more potent than ever.

The Stooges Fun House Track Listing

1.  Down On The Street
2.  Loose
3.  T.V. Eye
4.  Dirt
5.  1970
6.  Fun House
7.  L.A. Blues

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