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Vinyl - St. Germain - St. German Vinyl Record [2LP]

St. Germain - St. German Vinyl Record [2LP]

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St Germain (aka Ludovic Navarre), whose albums Boulevard (1995) and Tourist (2000) originated a genre of French electronic music that later included artists like Air, has returned to the studio to create his first album in 15 years. The self-titled record, due October 9, 2015, on Nonesuch Records in the United States, marries percussive grooves, which have always been central to St Germain’s sound, with a new element: traditional Malian music.

St Germain’s move closer to the source of the jazz and blues elements that were essential ingredients in Boulevard and the internationally acclaimed Tourist led to his interest in those genres’ roots in West African music. Tourist, which sold nearly three million copies worldwide (more than 300,000 in the US alone), was equally beloved in jazz and electronic music circles, reaching #1 on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Albums chart and being named one of the Best Albums of the Year by Rolling Stone. In France, the album won three Victoires de la Musique awards (the French equivalent of Grammys), including Best Jazz Album, Best Electronic Album and Best Live Performance.

Disc: 1

1. Real Blues
2. Sittin' Here
3. Hanky-Panky
4. Voilà

Disc: 2

1. Family Tree
2. How Dare You
3. Mary L.
4. Forget Me Not

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