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Sonic Youth - MurrayStreet Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

Sonic Youth - MurrayStreet Vinyl Record

  • $ 1999

Murray Street is Sonic Youth's 14th album. It was released in early June in Japan (featuring the bonus track "Street Sauce"), June 10th in Europe, and on June 25th in North America. Some French copies of the album came with a limited edition bonus blue 10" featuring 3 exclusive tracks from SY's recent soundtrack works: "Derniere Minute Electrifee" on one side, "Le Paysage Zim Zum" and "Coca Neon Kamera Sutra" on the other. Only 500 of these were available. In North America, the disc is enhanced, and includes a screen saver, plus a link to a "secret site" on that features exclusive promo photographs, desktop backgrounds, all 3 songs from the Kali Yug EP for mp3 download, and two music videos for "The Empty Page" and "Radical Adults". The gatefold vinyl edition is available via Smells Like Records on the "Goofin'" imprint (Rain on Tin and Karen have been switched to accomodate the vinyl's capacity limits).
  • 1.  The Empty Page  4:20
  • 2.  Disconnection Notice  6:24
  • 3.  Karen Revisited  11:10
  • 4.  Rain On Tin  7:55
  • 5.  Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style  4:27
  • 6.  Plastic Sun  2:14
  • 7.  Sympathy For The Strawberry  9:07

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