Sleigh Bells - Treats (Picture Disc) Vinyl Record

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Sold Out Limited Edition Mom & Pop Record label 10th Anniversary edition.

New York City noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells emerged in the Fall of 2009 with rhythmic pop songs that combine overdriven guitar riffs and sugary female vocal melodies. Featuring the infectious singles "Tell 'Em," "Infinity Guitars" and "Riot Rhythm," the duo's acclaimed 2010 debut Treats comes on strong with Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss crafting a sound that's all climax, like cheap stereos turned up to 11 and boom cars that might actually explode. This picture disc vinyl re-issue includes a commemorative 10 Years of Mom + Pop anniversary poster and sticker.

1. Tell 'Em 
2. Kids 
3. Riot Rhythm 
4. Infinity Guitars 
5. Run the Heart 
6. Rachel 
7. Rill Rill 
8. Crown on the Ground 
9. Straight A's 
10. A/B Machines 
11. Treats