Sharon Van Etten - epic Vinyl Record  (1407798083)

Sharon Van Etten - epic Vinyl Record

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"epic" was Sharon Van Etten's second label release. As the hard strum of "A Crime" starts, you know some serious shit is about to go down. Its as if she has grabbed both of your shoulders and she seriously wants you to feel what she feels. She succeeds and continues with each following song.
Her melodies are infectious and her words are poetic and believable. The vinyl has a way of pulling out nuances never noticed on a digital format. With each song something is building and the crescendo is "Love More" a song of hope to love again despite the previous pain. This is a song that has been covered by Bon Iver, The National, and more. It's an emotional end to a long journey that takes less than 40 minutes to finish. She leaves you wanting more and history shows that she delivers soon enough.
Track listing
All songs written by Sharon Van Etten.
1."A Crime"  3:13
2."Peace Signs"  2:53
3."Save Yourself"  4:59
4."Dsharpg"  6:01
5."Don't Do It"  5:05
6."One Day"  4:43
7."Love More"  5:14