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  • Sean Henry - A Jump from the High Dive [Aqua Blue Color Vinyl Record]  (4392109113408)
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Sean Henry - A Jump from the High Dive [Aqua Blue Color Vinyl Record]

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Sean Posila, who records under the moniker Sean Henry, has been writing music since he was a kid. On A Jump from the High Dive, his second proper full-length, childhood and adulthood coalesce to display his most confident and animated work to date.

Sean Henry’s new collection is a departure from the more straightforward garage rock found on 2018 release Fink. But the signature Sean Henry moments are still there -- simultaneously innocent, in-your-face and endearingly strange. A Jump from the High Dive is a bundle of energy through a focused lens, each song reminiscent of the standout track on a gifted mix CD.

“I was doing a lot of couch surfing, living where I grew up in a Connecticut ghost town and touring around the country. I was all over the place. Amidst trying to sort things out, I wanted to make my version of a pop album.”

Similar to early records from Wilco and Beck, they employed a “spiritual layer” on each song — an ambient and noisy track that adds a layer of support on the song, complemented by polished pop elements.

From beginning to end, A Jump from the High Dive provides a musical backdrop for the dark and the light, the unrestrained moments of both childhood and adulthood, the frustration of displacement.

1. Can U (3:36)
2. So Real (3:20)
3. Surf Song (3:14)
4. Rain, Rain (4:52)
5. Touch the Sun (3:10)
6. It'd Never Be Enough (4:15)
7. Space Kicks (3:33)
8. The Cars (3:44)
9. If (4:38)
10. You Fall Away (4:18)
11. Slip (3:55)