Screaming Females - Ugly (2LP) [Limited Clear with Black Splatter Color Vinyl Record]  (4367480684608)

Screaming Females - Ugly (2LP) [Limited Clear with Black Splatter Color Vinyl Record]

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Screaming Females’ seven years as a band, four full-length albums and 700 globe-spanning live shows has made them difficult to miss. Through it all, the New Brunswick, New Jersey trio have continued to exude a frenetic energy which is built upon the zeitgeist of America’s punk and indie underground yet has always remained forward-looking. 

Fittingly, for Screaming Females’ fifth album Ugly, the band enlisted legendary recording engineer Steve Albini, famed for his unique ability to capture the ferociousness of a live performance while delivering gorgeous sonic clarity. The album’s 14 tracks reaffirm the touchstones of the band; they can still shred and front-woman Marissa Paternoster can still unleash a powerful howl. 

But it doesn’t end there. The album ushers in new explorations for the band, a truly remarkable feat considering their already prolific output. Ugly has the perfect combination of raw energy and honed musicianship that produces the type of rock & roll which is still a force to be reckoned with.

"What attracted me to punk rock when it first exploded was that it was unpredictable and that no two bands had very much in common. Each band committed itself to a unique set of ideas, and it didn't matter what other bands were doing or what the audience might expect. Screaming Females are that same kind of wide-open punk rock, from before it condensed into a style and every band had to be taken on its own terms. They are a great band and I hope they keep going forever." - Steve Albini

Screaming Females Ugly Track Listing:

1.  It All Means Nothing
2.  Rotten Apple
3.  Extinction
4.  Red Hand
5.  High
6.  Expire
7.  Crow's Nest
8.  Tell Me No

1.  Leave It All Up To Me
2.  Doom 84
3.  Help Me
4.  Something Ugly
5.  Slow Birth
6.  It's Nice

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