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Ryan Adams Gold Vinyl Record 2LP-Indie Vinyl Den

Ryan Adams Gold Vinyl Record 2LP

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Gold is the second studio album by Ryan Adams, released September 25, 2001. Adams noted that "with Gold, I was trying to prove something to myself. I wanted to invent a modern classic." Adams intended for the album to be a double album, but his record label, Lost Highway, condensed the album into a single disc. According to Adams, the label "took the last five songs, made it a bonus disc and put it on the first hundred and fifty thousand copies. Fucking my fans over and making them pay extra for a record I wanted to be a double album. They counted that as one record." This version is a double album as intended.

Track listing
All songs written and composed by Ryan Adams unless otherwise stated. 
1."New York, New York"   3:46 
2."Firecracker"   2:51
3."Answering Bell"   3:05
4."La Cienega Just Smiled"   5:03
5."The Rescue Blues"   3:38
6."Somehow, Someday"   4:24
7."When the Stars Go Blue"   3:31
8."Nobody Girl"  Adams/Ethan Johns  9:40
9."Sylvia Plath"  Adams/Richard Causon  4:10
10."Enemy Fire"  Adams/Gillian Welch  4:09
11."Gonna Make You Love Me"   2:36
12."Wild Flowers"   4:59
13."Harder Now That It's Over"  Adams/Chris Stills  4:32
14."Touch, Feel and Lose"  Adams/David Rawlings  4:15
15."Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues"  Adams/Johns  6:10
16."Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd."  Adams/Causon  3:25

Bonus disc: "Side Four"
1."Rosalie Come and Go"   3:54
2."The Fools We Are As Men"   4:01
3."Sweet Black Magic"  Adams/Johns  2:35
4."The Bar Is a Beautiful Place"   5:58
5."Cannonball Days"   3:24

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