Ratboys -Printer's Devil (Limited Edition Mist Color Vinyl)  (4376256413760)

Ratboys -Printer's Devil (Limited Edition Mist Color Vinyl)

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Upheaval and change are themes spread throughout the songs on Printer’s Devil. A tangible sonic shift is apparent thanks to a newly-expanded lineup - founding members Julia Steiner and Dave Sagan are now joined by Marcus Nuccio and Sean Neumann on drums and bass. What started as an acoustic duo has finally transformed into a full-scale indie-rock band with a clear identity. Recorded live at Decade Music Studios in Chicago, Printer's Devil features big-chorus power pop songs like “Alien with a Sleep Mask On” and “Anj” that sound massive and larger than life, alongside intimate folk songs like “A Vision” and devastating alt-country tracks like “Listening,” showcasing once again the group's signature versatility. Building off their previous albums—AOID (2015) and GN (2017)—Ratboys captures the bombastic, electrified fun of their live show in a bottle on Printer’s Devil and showcases their growing chemistry as a tight-knit group.