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R.E.M.- Unplugged 2001 Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

R.E.M.- Unplugged 2001 Vinyl Record

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Andrzej Lukowski of Drowned in Sound gave the album a positive review, commenting that R.E.M. was "a great live band, and the acoustic format is a fine showcase for Stipe's remarkable voice" and "1991 and 2001 complement each other well, as contrasting mood pieces". Rolling Stone '​s Will Hermes gave the album four out of five stars remarking, "No band but Nirvana made more breathtakingly transformative use of MTV Unplugged than R.E.M."  Mike Diver ofClash considers the album inessential in R.E.M.'s catalogue but still welcome and a "fan-pleasing release". Similarly,Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic calls this release a "treat for hardcore R.E.M. fans" and contrasts the baroque pop of the 2001 set with the folk rock of the 1991 performance. Alternately, American Songwriter '​s Lynne Margolis considers the album an important document of R.E.M.'s history writing, "By stripping their work to its most elemental form, this collection expresses their artistry in a truly definitive way."

2001 Unplugged
  1. "All the Way to Reno (You're Gonna Be a Star)" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Reveal) – 4:27
  2. "Electrolite" (from New Adventures in Hi-Fi) – 4:05
  3. "At My Most Beautiful" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Up) – 3:25
  4. "Daysleeper" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Up) – 3:12
  5. "So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)" (from Reckoning) – 4:05
  6. "Losing My Religion" (from Out of Time) – 4:43
  7. "Country Feedback" (from Out of Time) – 5:25
  8. "Cuyahoga" (from Lifes Rich Pageant) – 4:30
  9. "Imitation of Life" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Reveal) – 4:12
  10. "Find the River" (from Automatic for the People) – 3:59
  11. "The One I Love" (from Document) – 3:33
  12. "Disappear" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Reveal) – 4:00
  13. "Beat a Drum" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Reveal) – 4:27
  14. "I've Been High" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Reveal) – 3:20
  15. "I'll Take the Rain" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Reveal) – 5:36
  16. "Sad Professor" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Up) – 4:29

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