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  • Porches - Ricky Music [Limited Edition Deluxe +7" Edition Vinyl]  (4388420059200)
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Porches - Ricky Music [Limited Edition Deluxe +7" Edition Vinyl]

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On his Domino debut Pool (2016), Porches' Aaron Maine made a notable change in his musical outlook and practice. The collapsible guitars and home-recorded dynamics of his earlier work were replaced with some serious beat-making skills and a new groove was weaved through the atmosphere of his musical territory: a thought-filled, late-night kind of place, one that maybe doesn't host a party too often, but one that also knows how to put on a very real good time if pressed to do so. Since then, The House (2018) and Ricky Music (2020) have added further layers of emotion and sophistication to his unique cracked-glass pop. Featuring contributions from Zsela, and Dev Hynes, and with co-production by Jacob PortraitRicky Music delivers 11 emotionally open, cracked-glass pop songs.

  1. Patience
  2. Do U Wanna
  3. Lipstick Song
  4. PFB
  5. I Wanna Ride
  6. Madonna
  7. I Can't Even Think
  8. Hair
  9. Fuck_3
  10. Wrote Some Songs

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