Perfume Genius - No Shape [Limited CLEAR Vinyl Record]  (10580636238)

Perfume Genius - No Shape [Limited CLEAR Vinyl Record]

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2014’s Too Bright showcased Mike Hadreas stepping out saucily onto a bigger stage, expressing, with the production help of Portishead’s Adrian Utley, emotions arranged all along the slippery continuum from rage to irony to love. Here in 13 new ferocious and sophisticated tracks, Mike Hadreas and his collaborators blow through church music, makeout music, an array of the gothier radio popular formats, rhythm and blues, art pop, krautrock, queer soul, the RCA Studio B sound, and then also collect some of the sounds that only exist inside Freddy Krueger. Tremolo on the electric keys. Nightclubbing. Daywalking. Kate Bushing, Peter Greenawaying, Springsteening, Syreetaing. No Shape was produced by Blake Mills, the man behind Alabama Shakes’ Grammy Award winning album. He added precision and expansion. Some things are pretty and some are blasted beyond recongition. Records like this, records that make you feel like you’re 15 and just seeing the truth for the first time, are excessively rare. They’re here to remind you that you’re divine.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A Side B
01 Otherside
02 Slip Away
03 Just Like Love
04 Go Ahead
01 Valley
02 Wreath
03 Every Night
Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A Side B
01 Choir
02 Die 4 You
03 Sides
01 Braid
02 Run Me Through
03 Alan

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