Parquet Courts T- Performing Human 12" Vinyl  (9001623619)

Parquet Courts T- Performing Human 12" Vinyl

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“The catalyst of the song Human Performance [reflects] my own flawed performance of humanity, and how it affects those around me. It directly mourns the loss of someone in my life, a party that knows the story and likely doesn’t care for it to be retold, any more than the song has already done…. “Ultimately, the song is about living in the company of one’s own shame. Perhaps it was the years spent as an altar boy that gave me an inclination toward repentance and atonement. I’ve never been a believer, but I can understand the appeal of faith, especially when it includes the promise of unconditional love and forgiveness. Human Performance is about the absence of that faith, and how haunting it is.”

1   Performing Human (Dreamland Version)
2   Human Performance (Album Version)
1   Performing Human (Eaters Mix)
2   Performing Human (Chris P Mix)