No Age - Nouns Vinyl Record  (565177974843)

No Age - Nouns Vinyl Record

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The Sub Pop debut by this LA duo is succinctly all encompassing, from the faux simplicity of the title to the beautiful distortion of its sound. The record opens with a symphony of noise and sometimes creeps, sometimes smashes through a sonic headlock befitting "Daydream Nation"-era Sonic Youth, Kiwi pop, My Bloody Valentine, and experimental noise.

01 Miner
02 Eraser
03 Teen Creeps
04 Things I Did When I Was Dead
05 Cappo
06 Keechie
07 Sleeper Hold
08 Errand Boy
09 Here Should Be My Home
10 Impossible Bouquet
11 Ripped Knees
12 Brain Burner