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Mimicking Birds- Eons Vinyl Record

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Mimicking Birds is a rock group from Portland, Oregon centered on Nate Lacy (vocals, acoustic guitars), with Aaron Hanson (drums), Ian luxton (electric guitars), Matthan Minster (Guitar/Keys) and Adam Trachsel (Bass/Keys). Mimicking Birds was originally a vehicle for Nate Lacy's home recordings, but expanded to a trio after he signed to Modest Mouse member Isaac Brock's Glacial Pace Recordings label in 2008. The group toured with Modest Mouse in 2009.

Track Listing
  1. "Memorabilia"
  2. "Acting Your Age"
  3. "Owl Hoots"
  4. "Spent Winter"
  5. "Bloodlines"
  6. "Night Light"
  7. "Water Under Burned Bridges"
  8. "Wormholes"
  9. "Seeing Eye Dog"
  10. "Moving On"