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Michael Nau - Some Twist [Pink colored Vinyl]-Indie Vinyl Den

Michael Nau - Some Twist [Pink colored Vinyl]

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Michael Nau follows up 2016's Mowing with the new Suicide Squeeze release Some Twist. The 12-track collection represents some of his most sharp and moving work to date, and finds the Maryland-born songwriter looking to move quickly enough to avoid some of the stop/start nature that had previously left large gaps of time falling between his output. Bright piano and fingerpicked guitar weave together throughout lead single "Good Thing" with a chorus that swells with feedback fuzz and crashing percussion. Nau's ever-present sense of humor, one of the hallmarks of his songwriting, gives the song a wry sense of purpose amidst its reflection. Overall, the album splits its time between feeling both energized and unhurried, while featuring the same penetrating songwriting that has led fans to latch onto Nau since he arrived.

  1. Good Thing
  2. I Root
  3. Wonder
  4. How You're So For Real
  5. Scumways
  6. Oh, You Wanna Bet?
  7. Waiting, Too
  8. Scatter
  9. Twelve
  10. The Load
  11. Done Wonder
  12. Light That Ever

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