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  • Maya Hawke - Blush Vinyl Record
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Maya Hawke - Blush Vinyl Record

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Following the release of her independently released A and B side singles in 2019, singer/songwriter/actress Maya Hawke (Stranger Things, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ladyworld) returns with the deeply personal full-length album Blush, a continued collaboration with Grammy award-winning songwriter/producer Jesse Harris, who wrote the music for the album while Maya contributed the lyrics.

On creating the record, Hawke says, "This album happened accidentally...Jesse and I started working together accidentally...we kept writing, kept collecting songs because it brought joy into both of our lives. Collecting them into an album and releasing it comes from a crazy, if not pathological desire to share that joy with others. From my point of view, ‘Blush' is a collection of secret messages, hidden communications with the people in my life."

Ruminating on the lyrics for lead single "By Myself," Hawke adds, "By Myself was written in the wake of my twentieth birthday party. I suppose it's about projecting ideas you have about yourself onto other people. You perceive yourself as being in these toxic relationships with others, and get all worked up about them, but sometimes it really just means you have a toxic relationship with yourself. Talking to the mirror. Self-obsession and self-victimization, all at the same time. But it also has a secret joy in it somewhere. It's all still fun I guess, at least for a little while longer. I'm getting better."

  1. Coverage
  2. By Myself
  3. A River Like You
  4. Menace
  5. Hold The Sun
  6. Bringing Me Down
  7. Cricket
  8. Stay Open
  9. Catch Me
  10. Rose and Thorn
  11. To Love A Boy
  12. Goodbye Rocket Ship