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Matthew Dear - DJ-Kicks Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

Matthew Dear - DJ-Kicks Vinyl Record

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Matthew Dear - DJ-Kicks Vinyl Record

The long established and critically acclaimed DJ-Kicks series kicks off 2017 with suitably accomplished DJ, producer, vocalist and instrumentalist Matthew Dear at the helm. A man of many musical hats, Texas born, Detroit raised Dear has a wide reaching discography that takes in face melting techno as Jabberjaw, dark avant-pop under his own name and intricate minimal as Audion. Often with a gothic slant and full of curiousness, his pensive but playful music is an intoxicating distillation of many different influences, often with his own stylized vocals at the center.

As co-founder of both Ghostly International and Spectral Sound, Matthew Dear has also been responsible for some of the underground scene's most exciting new music, plenty of which appears here. Now more than 15 years, five albums and 20 EPs into his esteemed and always evolving career, he is exactly the sort of fascinating character that makes the very personal DJ-Kicks series so special. Included on the vinyl version is a brand new and exclusive track from Dear himself. It's a typically weird and intriguing cut that ties the whole unhinged and freaky mix together. Also helping to add to the left-of-center afterparty vibe are inclusions by artists as diverse as Thatmanmonkz and ItaloJohnson. 

  1. Matthew Dear - Wrong With Us (DJ-Kicks)
  2. Kreon - Silo Sol
  3. Caserta - Ricky (Thatmanmonkz Mix)
  4. Gwilym Gold & Doc Daneeka - Lust For Sale (MGF Mix)
  5. Smoke - Nuutri
  6. ItaloJohnson - ITJ10B1
  7. Groovesh - Glowing
  8. Dudley Strangeways - Hallam
  9. Gary Sloan & Clone - Harmonitalk (Alex & Digby Edit)
  10. DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko - Kumu

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