Mary Lattimore - Hundreds of Days [Limited Edition Gold Color Vinyl]  (1318615875643)

Mary Lattimore - Hundreds of Days [Limited Edition Gold Color Vinyl]

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Memories - places, vacancies, allusions - are fundamental characters in Mary Lattimore's evocative craft. The Los Angeles-based harpist recorded her breakout 2016 album, At The Dam, during stops along a road trip across America, letting the serene landscapes of Joshua Tree and Marfa, TX color her compositions. In 2018, from a restorative station - a redwood barn, nestled in the hills above San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge - emanatesHundreds of Days, her second full-length LP with Ghostly International. The record sojourns between silences and speech, between microcosmic daily scenes and macrocosmic universal understandings, between being alien in promising new places and feeling torn from old native havens. It's an expansive new chapter in Lattimore's story, and an expression of mystified gratitude. A study in how ordinary components helix together to create an extraordinary world.

  1. It Feels Like Floating
  2. Never Saw Him Again
  3. Hello from the Edge of the Earth
  4. Baltic Birch
  5. Their Faces Streaked with Light and Filled with Pity
  6. On the Day You Saw the Dead Whale