Margaret Glaspy - Devotion [Limited Edition Sandstone Color Vinyl Record]  (4418299854912)

Margaret Glaspy - Devotion [Limited Edition Sandstone Color Vinyl Record]

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Devotion is Brooklyn singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy's first full-length since her acclaimed 2016 debut, Emotions and Math, and marks an entirely new sonic chapter for her. Glaspy has built a reputation as a skilled guitarist, and Emotions and Math was notable for its swaggering electric guitar sounds; on Devotion she shifted gears and built songs with completely different instrumentation as their base. The results – co-produced with Tyler Chester – are rich, sweeping, and melodic, a fittingly enchanting sound for a collection of 12 love songs. The arrangements are unexpectedly lush at times, especially on the torchy "Heartbreak" and often boast an impressive groove, on such tracks as "You've Got My Number" and the title song. Glaspy announces her radical approach at the very start of Devotion, where digitally altered voices serve as the prelude to "Killing What Keeps Us Alive" and she fills the album with surprising sonic touches, right up to the haunting electronics-and-voice soundscape of album closer "Consequence."

  1. Killing What Keeps Us Alive
  2. Without Him
  3. Young Love
  4. You've Got My Number
  5. Stay With Me
  6. So Wrong It's Right
  7. Heartbreak
  8. You Amaze Me
  9. Devotion
  10. Vicioius
  11. What's The Point
  12. Consequences