Vinyl - Lower Dens - Twin-Hand Movement Vinyl Record (4680104835)

Lower Dens - Twin-Hand Movement Vinyl Record

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Twin-Hand Movement is Lower Dens' brilliant 2010 debut album! It is eleven perfect songs long. Filled with swarming guitar fuzz, bass waves, insistent drum throbs and Jana Hunter's charred voice. The album truly reflects the musicians and the city they call home, Baltimore, to the core: survivalist paranoia and rolling waves of droning rhythm crafted together methodically and beautifully into proud, catchy, weirdo anthems.

01 Blue & Silver
02 Tea Lights
03 A Dog's Dick
04 Holy Water
05 I Get Nervous
06 Completely Golden
07 Plastic & Powder
08 Rosie
09 Truss Me
10 Hospice Gates
11 Two Cocks