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  • Lower Dens - Nootropics Vinyl Record  (10375455886)
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Lower Dens - Nootropics Vinyl Record

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Pronounced no-eh-tro-pics, the title refers to a type of drug used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. That’s a reference to Lower Dens’ leader Jana Hunter’s interest in transhumanism, the use of technology to extend human capabilities.

Lower Dens released their beguiling debut album Twin-Hand Movement in July of 2010. Like Nootropics, the full depth and range of its formidable charms unfold over multiple listens, it’s a grower, and accordingly, Lower Dens’ popularity and acclaim grew and grew too. They were asked to join bigger and bigger tours, with the likes of Bear in Heaven, the Walkmen, Beach House, and Deerhunter, and wound up playing around 200 shows in that grueling 12-month span, developing the kind of musical telepathy that only relentless touring can bring.

Where Twin-Hand Movement was about community, using the band’s native Baltimore scene as a springboard and inspiration, Nootropics is the next step. “This record goes beyond the community around us and takes a broader look at human history,” says Hunter. “We’re creating a world to help our species survive and make our lives easier, but if we continue down this path it will destroy us. And that might seem bitterly sad, but I prefer to see our options and our potential.” 

1.  Alphabet Song
2.  Brains
3.  Stem
4.  Propagation
5.  Lamb
6.  Candy
7.  Lion in Winter Pt. 1
8.  Lion in Winter Pt. 2
9.  Nova Anthem
10. In the End is the Beginning