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Lost Lander- Medallion Vinyl Record

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Before she died, Matt Sheehy's mother used to tell him about a dream shehad about Lost Land Lakea place she spent part of her mid-western childhood. That dream inspired the name of the Juneau-born, Portland based songwriter's band, and her memory is imbued in Lost Landers Medallion. If DRRT, the groups first independently released album, was about the confluence of nature and technology, Medallion, its latest, concerns dualities - experiences of love and loss, impermanence and longevity, death and rebirth. Lost Lander's Medallion was recorded with producer Brent Knopf (Ramona Falls, Menomena), but also owes its current form to Sheehy's bandmates; keyboardist Fennell, drummer Patrick Hughes and ex-bassist Dave Lowensohn. Medallion also features Beirut trumpet player Kelly Pratt, Akron/Familys Dana Jenssen, and new bass and guitar player, William Seiji Marsh. The limited edition vinyl component first pressing features white vinyl and a free digital download. Deeply personal and emotionally charged. -Rolling Stone

Track Listings
1. Gemini
2. Flinch
3. Walking on a Wire
4. Feed the Fever
5. Give It Time
6. Sunburns
7. Never Go Easy
8. Trailer Tracks
9. Crush
10. Alpine Street