Lost Girls - Menneskekollektivet [Very Limited White Color Vinyl]
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Lost Girls - Menneskekollektivet [Very Limited White Color Vinyl]

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Norwegian duo Lost Girls (artist and writer Jenny Hval and multi-instrumentalist Håvard Volden) release their debut album, Menneskekollektivet, via Smalltown Supersound. It's the duo's first full-length after collaborating for more than ten years and marks their first time recording in an actual studio together. The music flickers between club beats and improvised guitar textures; between spoken word and melodic vocal textures; between abstract and harmonic synth lines. Throughout, Volden's guitar and Hval's voice come across as equals, wandering, wondering, meandering.

Menneskekollektivet was created in-between set structures and the energy of collective exploration at Norway's Øra Studios in March 2020. This is what makes the album unique: The quality of trying something, to see if the structures fit. In a way this is a more physical version of what Hval has been exploring lyrically over the past decade in her solo work. The album's title, which translates to human collective in Norwegian, adds to the feeling of a recording made as part of a strange, improvised performance project. Lyrics have a peculiar place on Menneskekollektivet. Hval concentrated on words as performed situations, sometimes just talking into the mic to discover rhymes or musical phrases. They build emotional complexity like a club track would with its drum machine pattern. Volden's guitar somehow works in the same mode, intensifying with lines that are sometimes jarring, sometimes harmonic. 

In this way, Lost Girls leave both form and content, music and words, suspended in a piece in the puzzle of human performance. A human performance that resembles a rave party, but after the party's over and the music has been switched off. What is left is a collective inner monologue: The ravers have forgotten that the night can end, and as the sun rises, they slowly turn to stone, or meltdown to water, or they are in the middle of some other metamorphosis that is more than just coming down.

  1. Menneskekollektivet
  2. Losing Something
  3. Carried by Invisible Bodies
  4. Love, Lovers
  5. Real Life