Lord Raja - Para Vinyl Record  (4785448131)

Lord Raja - Para Vinyl Record

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Chester Raj Anand, who records as Lord RAJA, may have been in Austin to perform at SXSW, but he wasn’t going to leave without bringing home a few things for himself. “While I was there,” he explains, “I went to that famous synth store, Switched On, and my mind was blown. They had everything—all these modular synths, a mellotron, Elektron synths. Just everything.” As he was surveying the goods, a plan began to form. “I asked the person who was working there, ‘Would it be OK if I took my laptop and recorded some sounds?’ And I just started going crazy—plugging everything in, trying out different things, messing with drum machines, and recording all of it using RME Babyface. When I walked out, I felt like I had made off with the loot.”

Those sounds formed the basis for PARA, RAJA’s second full-length and the first that fully captures his vision for his music. “This is probably my most successful attempt at making a consistent work,” he says. “I was really conscious about making a record that wouldn’t alienate people.”

1 Stars (Intro)

2 Zerulean


3 Butterfly On A Jet


4 Sheep


5 Broken Computer


6 Ride Out (Digital Bonus)


7 H3000


8 Stoked Tourist


9 Koi Fish


10 Renaissance Endo


11 Shook


12 Footwork


13 Flying Towards The Ground


14 Invst (Digital Bonus)