Little Scream - Speed Queen [Limited Peak gold marble color vinyl]

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Peak Vinyl: One-time limited-edition pressing on gold marble vinyl in a full-color printed sleeve with lyrics.

On her third album, Little Scream offers us a reflection on class and poverty in America. Speed Queen began as bits of prose written while touring Cult Following across North America – observing the slow entropy of the US, ruminating on her own low-income upbringing in a flyover state, and, as she says, "taking it all in from the privileged position of being a new Canadian." The title, which alludes to the opiate crisis, actually refers to a washing machine. Little Scream says, "When you're struggling, nothing says you've made it more than getting your own washing machine. Speed Queen is about the dream of making it, and feeling desperately close but missing it."

  1. Dear Leader
  2. One Lost Time
  3. Switchblade
  4. Disco Ball
  5. Still Life
  6. Forces of Spring
  7. No More Saturday Night
  8. Speed Queen
  9. Don't Wait for It
  10. Privileged Child