Laura Marling- Short Movie [2LP on 150g Vinyl]  (1247787139)

Laura Marling- Short Movie [2LP on 150g Vinyl]

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At only 25 years old, Laura Marling has already released five incredible records to date. She returns with an intimate breakup record called Short Movie. Laura shows that she has mastered many styles in the making of Short Movie. Some of our favorites after a few listens are the title track "Short Movie", "False Hope," "I Feel Your Love," and "Strange."

Track List

1. Warrior
2. False Hope
3. I Feel Your Love
4. Walk Alone
5. Strange 
6. Don’t Let Me Bring You Down
7. Easy
8. Gurdjieffs’s Daughter 
9. Divine
10. How Can I 
11. Howl
12. Short Movie
13. Worship Me