Lambchop - TRIP [Limited Peak Edition coke-bottle clear & yellow swirl vinyl]

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Includes a 7.5” square blotter paper print and download card.

In the fall of 2019, Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner had a unique idea: In lieu of going on what would become an economically disastrous tour, he would invite the band to Nashville to make a record as a way to provide them with similar financial support and realize something tangible in the process. Each band member was tasked with choosing one song for the band to cover, and leading the recording session to completion each day.

TRIP sounds like a culmination of the band’s older work and current work. There are a looseness and freedom that recalls their older sound mixed with a group sophistication and innovation derived through the process of playing together for so long. The title TRIP refers to the circumstances surrounding its creation and the endeavor of “touring” itself. “It also seems to describe a life in music and the situations we created in our life as a band over the years,” Wagner adds. “It’s been a trip…”

Reservations Lambchop 13:00
Where Grass Won't Grow Lambchop 6:42
Shirley Lambchop 4:35
Golden Lady Lambchop 6:42
Love Is Here and Now You're Gone Lambchop 3:28
Weather Blues Lambchop 3:26

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