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John Grant - Pale Green Ghost 2LP Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

John Grant - Pale Green Ghost 2LP Vinyl Record

  • $ 1999

Pale Green Ghosts is the second solo album by former The Czars frontman John Grant. 

Pale Green Ghosts was recorded in Reykjavík, Iceland with Icelandic electronic musician Birgir Þórarinsson (a.k.a. Biggi Veira) of electro-pop group Gus Gus, and also features a range of local musicians on the album as well as Sinéad O'Connor singing backing vocals.

1. "Pale Green Ghosts"   6.04
2. "Black Belt"   4.18
3. "GMF"   5.13
4. "Vietnam"   5.29
5. "It Doesn't Matter To Him" (feat. Sinéad O'Connor) 6.27
6. "Why Don't You Love Me Anymore" (feat. Sinéad O'Connor) 6.10
7. "You Don't Have To"   5.51
8. "Sensitive New Age Guy"   4.40
9. "Ernest Borgnine"   4.53
10. "I Hate This Town"   4.01
11. "Glacier" (feat. Sinéad O'Connor) 7.34



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