Vinyl - Jet - Get Born (180g) Vinyl Record (Domestic) (151607083022)

Jet - Get Born (180g) Vinyl Record (Domestic)

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You've probably heard every riff on Jet's breakout 2003 Dave Sardy-produced debut Get Born before, yet these Australian rockers manage to combine the swagger of countrymen AC/DC with the bite of the White Stripes and mix it up with a splash of Sweet and Oasis to make it all sound fresh. Great catchy songs ("Are You Gonna Be My Girl," "Rollover DJ," "Cold Hard Bitch") with sing-along choruses and stomping beats galore that most definitely sounds best on vinyl!

  1. Last Chance
  2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
  3. Rollover D.J.
  4. Look What You've Done
  5. Get What You Need
  6. Move On
  7. Radio Song
  8. Get Me Outta Here
  9. Cold Hard Bitch
  10. Come Around Again
  11. Take It or Leave It
  12. Lazy Gun
  13. Timothy