Vinyl - Jagwar Ma - Every Now And Then [180g Vinyl Record]

Jagwar Ma - Every Now and Then [180g Vinyl Record]

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Jagwar Ma return with their second album Every Now & Then. The Sydney-formed band came together for sessions across a handful of studios and locations in Australia, the UK and France to shake up an altogether inspired new offering. Full of spirit and exploding with the energy of new ideas, Every Now & Then is formed from the building blocks of a myriad of sonic touchstones upon which Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield concoct a heady, uplifting brew that very much owns it's own space on the spectrum.

Jono is a student of the studio in the Jagwar Ma camp, and on Every Now & Then his production hand constructs the richly singular sonic world each track inhabits. The record is littered with surprising selections yet maintains an ebb and flow that echoes that of a day in coastal Australia. Repetition invites participation and the composition ofEvery Now & Then is testament to the turn of phrase, subtly seducing with loose-limbed sinewy grooves on loop.

Entrancing incantations on romantic love, truth and courage come courtesy of co-songwriter and lead vocalist Gabriel. Lush melody from leftfield, grungey phrasing and pagan shapes, Winterfield flows in tandem with each song's unique sea of sound. Classic bass lines, jangly guitar parts and Paul's Boutique-inspired loops bounce off elements of synth-pop and encounter bass heavy experiments redolent of Blanck Mass and other elements of the Norwegian electronic onslaught together with swelling psychedelic choruses, reminiscent of summer-kissed Ocean Rain-period Bunnymen, exploding into melodic, sun soaked wig-outs.

Every Now & Then deftly covers a broad expanse of sound and mood. "Say What You Feel" gradually envelopes with it's tireless drive and shape shifting form to an ecstatic peak, before "Loose Ends" cools down the pace with dubbed, fractured melodies. "Give Me A Reason" flips from muted funk pop to percolating, percussive house before seamlessly transitioning into a gyrating, teched up club tool. The glorious dynamism continues with "Ordinary's" quantum leap chorus, while "High Rotation" possesses a sinister spirit, a chuggy druggy groove and compelling, cultish chanting. "Colour Of Paradise" closes out the record, a bittersweet beauty of surf melodies and euphoric synths, lifting off and leaving the earthly territory behind completely for a deeper, more celestial, spacey place.