Jade Hairpins - Harmony Avenue Vinyl Record  (5244794339485)

Jade Hairpins - Harmony Avenue Vinyl Record

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Jade Hairpins sneaked onto the scene in late 2018 with a mysterious 12-inch on Merge Records and a couple of poetic sentences about hiding in trees. The label remained tight-lipped while touting Dose Your Dreams, a truly epic new Fucked Up album released on the same day. Fast forward to 2020, when Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco and songwriter/guitarist Mike Haliechuk burst out of the proverbial trees with Harmony Avenue, a collection of songs written and recorded in real-time. Pop foraging with analog acoustics and electronic landscaping.

The album’s themes mostly focus on contradictory behavior and double entendres as well as regret and control, revelation, support, and complete absurdity. Jade Hairpins are here to challenge, confound, and sparkle their way into listeners’ hearts and keep them coming back for more!

J Terrapin Jade Hairpins 2:02
(Don't Break My) Devotion Jade Hairpins 4:04
Father Coin Jade Hairpins 3:20
Yesterdang Jade Hairpins 4:40
Post No Bill Jade Hairpins 4:22
Broadstairs Beach Jade Hairpins 2:57
Dolly Dream Jade Hairpins 4:11
Mary Magazine Jade Hairpins 3:06
Truth Like a Mirage Jade Hairpins 1:49
Motherman Jade Hairpins 7:04

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