Vinyl - INXS - The Very Best Of (2LP, 180g) Vinyl Record

INXS - The Very Best Of (2LP, 180g) Vinyl Record

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Formed in 1977, the (Sydney) Australian sextet INXS achieved international success with their 3rd album Listen Like Thieves released in 1985 and featured the Top 5 Billboard hit What You Need. In 1990, X was released and peaked at #5 in the US (w/two top 10 singles Suicide Blonde & Disappear). Impeccably mastered from the original Atlantic tapes by Joe Reagoso, these modern rock INXS classics sound as stellar and brilliant as you remember them. Featuring smash hits like "What You Need," "This Time," "Suicide Blonde," "Bitter Tears," both albums would go on to become gold and platinum plus achievements. These original master recordings feature the classic line-up of Michael Hutchence, Andrew Farris, Jon Farris, Tim Farris, Garry Gary Beers & Kirk Pengilly.
Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A Side B
01 Need You Tonight
02 Mystify
03 Suicide Blond
04 Taste It
05 Original Sin (inter. Inxs)
01 Heven Sent
02 Disappear
03 Never Tear Us Apart
04 The Gift
05 Devil Inside
Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A Side B
01 Beautiful Girl
02 By My Side
03 Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
04 Elegantly Wasted (Radio Edit)
05 New Sensation
01 What You Need
02 Listen Like Thieves
03 Just Keep Walking
04 Bitter Tears
05 Baby Don't Cry