Vinyl - Interpol - Our Love To Admire: 10th Anniversary (Vinyl 2LP + DVD)

Interpol - Our Love to Admire: 10th Anniversary (Vinyl 2LP + DVD)

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Defined by their post-punk starkness coupled with new wave grooves, Interpol helped reinvigorate New York City's flagging music scene and birthed a whole decade's worth of bands that followed in their flamboyant footsteps. After their grand debut, Turn On The Bright Lights and the amplified follow-up, Antics, the indie rock outfit was primed for a grand comeback on their major label release, Our Love to Admire.

Released in July 2007 on Capitol Records, Our Love to Admire marked a departure from their indie beginnings. Armed with sleeker production (courtesy of producer Rich Costey) and more ambitious instrumentation featuring strings, horns, and extended keyboard arrangements, this album was the fruition of all of Interpol's earliest efforts. It would also become one of the group's biggest selling albums, debuting in the Top Five charts both in the US and the UK thanks to compelling singles like "The Heinrich Maneuver" and "Mammoth."

Despite being synonymous with New York nightlife, this was actually the first album to be recorded in New York, at the famed The Magic Shop and Electric Lady Studios. While the band explores new territory in the studio, the album's themes returned to the seedy streets and back alleys of the band's stomping grounds: the Lower East Side of Manhattan and all the shifty characters who occupy it.

To mark the album's 10th anniversary, Ume will release a series of special reissues of Our Love to Admire, including this gatefold 180g 2LP-set (with custom inner sleeves) featuring a newly-remastered version of the album done by the mastering engineer behind the George Harrison Box Set, Gavin Lurssen, plus a previously unreleased DVD recording of their 2007 performance at London Astoria. The band's 12-song performance includes live renditions of Our Love to Admire standouts such as "The Heinrich Maneuver," "Mammoth" and "Rest My Chemistry" as well as Interpol favorites: "Narc," "Obstacle 1," "Public Pervert," "Evil" and "NYC."


  1. Pioneer To The Falls
  2. No I In Threesome
  3. The Scale
  4. The Heinrich Maneuver
  5. Mammoth


  1. Pace Is The Trick
  2. All Fired Up
  3. Rest My Chemistry
  4. Who Do You Think
  5. Wrecking Ball
  6. The Lighthouse


  1. Pioneer To The Falls
  2. Narc
  3. Mammoth
  4. Rest My Chemistry
  5. Obstacle 1
  6. Public Pervert
  7. Hands Away
  8. The Heinrich Maneuver
  9. Evil
  10. Not Even Jail
  11. NYC
  12. Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down